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Physical Exams

Convenient and Thorough with No Appointment Necessary

American Family Care provides a number of comprehensive physical exams designed around employer needs. The two core exams performed at AFC include the pre-employment physical and D.O.T. physical exam. These exams help keep your employees healthy and safe on the job and also serve to comply with Department of Transportation and other regulatory requirements. With extended and weekend hours, AFC is a convenient, easy-to-use partner for your physicals.

D.O.T. Physical Exam

All drivers (interstate or intrastate) are mandated by the Federal government to successfully pass a medical examination performed by a Certified Medical Examiner (CME) prior to operating a commercial motor vehicle. These physical exams follow a rigid protocol laid out by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

As different health conditions can affect the outcome of the exam, AFC strongly encourages drivers coming in for D.O.T. physical examinations to bring a list of current medications along with relevant medical records related to cardiac or neurologic health issues for the AFC Certified Medical Examiner to review.

Pre-Employment Physical

Pre-employment physicals are an important tool for employers and employees alike. These physical exams ensure that new employees can tolerate the physical requirements of the job but can also serve to advise the employee of potential undiagnosed health issues requiring attention. The components of the AFC pre-employment physical exam include:

  • Review of both occupational and medical history
  • Musculoskeletal examination
  • Evaluation of the respiratory system
  • Examination of head, ears, eyes, nose, and throat
  • Hearing and vision testing
  • Blood pressure

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